Friday, 24 November 2006

5,200 Downloads in a single day!

After the release of Winter Chill 2006,
the Funky House London Style Podcast
has gone crazy!

Serving over 5,200 downloads in a single day.

The feedback has been phenomenal,
here are just a few of the comments so far:

"Verdict – Excellent! I love it. I can hear a slightly different flavour in this mix and I like it"

Richard - Sydney

"U have gotta come and do a set in Federation Manchester! That Winter
Chill is well good!"

Wes - London

"First of all; I really like all the episodes of your Funky House
London Style. Exactly my kind of music, brilliant. Its been on my Ipod every
day when i go to work."

Jacco - Rotterdam

Thanks guys, it's great to know that people are enjoying the mixes and I'm deffinately inspired to do more!

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