Friday, 24 November 2006

5,200 Downloads in a single day!

After the release of Winter Chill 2006,
the Funky House London Style Podcast
has gone crazy!

Serving over 5,200 downloads in a single day.

The feedback has been phenomenal,
here are just a few of the comments so far:

"Verdict – Excellent! I love it. I can hear a slightly different flavour in this mix and I like it"

Richard - Sydney

"U have gotta come and do a set in Federation Manchester! That Winter
Chill is well good!"

Wes - London

"First of all; I really like all the episodes of your Funky House
London Style. Exactly my kind of music, brilliant. Its been on my Ipod every
day when i go to work."

Jacco - Rotterdam

Thanks guys, it's great to know that people are enjoying the mixes and I'm deffinately inspired to do more!

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Funky House Amazon Store

Check out the Funky House Amazon Store to shop for Funky House compilation CD's, DJ Books, Tracks from the Funky House London Style Podcast and more...

Funky House Amazon Store

Sunday, 12 November 2006

Most popular house music podcast on iTunes in the UK

It's official... the Funky House London Style podcast is the most popular house music podcast on iTunes in the United Kingdom, beating Ministry of Sound, Pete Tong, Defected and more... For a short period it was the most popular music podcast on iTunes UK, but has since been overtaken by The Beatles and Jamiroquai (No shame there!).

Thanks everyone for the support and look out for new mixes coming soon!

Check out the screenshot below or log into iTunes Music Store UK to check it out the current rating for yourself.

Thursday, 2 November 2006

Podcast featured on

The "Funky House London Style" Podcast was featured on a popular website created by Brent Silby to promote and bring house music to the masses "Putting the House back into House".

I really enjoyed reading Brent's review, and the message boards where I most deffinately share Brent's views on house music!

Check his site out at